How can KDPF help?
As with any local courtesy services, KDPF is your reliable alternative transport source for errands as specific as going for a shopping trip (with specific drop off and pick up time) to general services such as drop off/pick up at the airport.

Within the student communities similar requests include spring break drop-offs and student move in/out, which otherwise would require parental presence. The diligence of KDPF provides you with peace of mind when it comes to coordinating transportation services.

Over the past half decade, KDPF initiators have been of service for a broad range of needs within the Metropolitan District including, but not limited to:

  • Serving as a bridge between corporate travelers visiting Washington, DC and their business meetings
  • Expanded accessibility to students coming in/out of Washington, DC as part of their academic requirements
  • Extended care to elderly people in need of basic shopping and routine medical appointments
  • Enhanced mobility within the congested areas of the metropolitan area - capabilities to listen and follow recommendations for errands requiring diligent attention, delivery of goods to almost any destination
  • A more sustainable and flexible courtesy transport service for Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous feedback and monitoring of clients concerns and requests
  • Medicaid voucher program coming soon!